The Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) program makes every attempt to find a “forever family” for adoptable children who are currently within the state’s foster care system. More than 5,000 of these children are waiting for permanent homes.

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Many children may have physical or emotional problems due to circumstances beyond their control. In many instances the child’s special need is that he or she is over five years of age or a member of a sibling group. More than half of the children are minorities and there are more boys than girls. Whatever the individual circumstances, every child deserves to experience the love and support of a family.

St. Joseph’s SWAN staff recruit, screen and train families who are interested in a “special-needs” adoption. They also assess and prepare children who are awaiting adoption.

Recognizing the significant adjustment the adoption process requires, St. Joseph’s also initiated post-adoption support services as a means of providing ongoing encouragement and assistance to children and their new families.

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