Adult Day Services

Over two decades ago, three profoundly involved Center residents turned 21 years old and, as such, completed their school programs. It was a much celebrated first. The adult programs available locally were for people with less severe limitations, so St. Joseph’s initiated its own.

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Between the Center’s residents and those living in St. Joseph’s community homes, the number of participants continued to increase. Realizing the original facility on the Main Campus would soon be outgrown, a second Adult Day Training Program site was opened in Dunmore in 2003. This enabled St. Joseph’s to accommodate everyone within its own residential programs and to open the service to many individuals of similar age who were living with family members in the community. In March 2011 a third Adult Program site was opened in Luzerne County.

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As a sign of respect for the age of these residents, the service is adult oriented, yet bears little resemblance to traditional adult day options. Programs include various sensory stimulation, recreational activities, cooking, some educational and current events-related activities, and a few work-related tasks. Through the use of adaptive equipment and pressure or motion sensitive switches, participants are able to activate household equipment and forms of technology that enable them to interact with their environment and, in some instances, communicate their interests and needs.

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The adults also work on more traditional developmental tasks related to fine motor skills, exercise and mobility goals. There is also a great emphasis on community awareness and involvement. Each of the programs has a community liaison. The liaison role is to take an individual or a small group of program participants on outings, thus offering them new experiences and opportunities to interact with neighbors.

For more information on the program or admission requirements:
Ann Rink, Administrator of Community Programs