Outpatient Therapy

A world-class heated therapeutic pool is the jewel in the crown for the Weinberg Therapy Building, which is located right on the main campus of St. Joseph’s Center. A fully equipped land treatment room; a pediatric therapy gym; speech-language therapy, music therapy and recreation therapy facilities; along with a sensory stimulating Snoezellen room complete the venue.

Initiated to coincide with the opening of the Weinberg Therapy Building in 1997, St. Joseph’s Outpatient Therapy Service has caught the attention of physicians and patients throughout the region. A unique blend of aquatic and land-based therapies is provided under one roof. Compassionate care provided by professional staff has earned the program rave reviews.

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Weinberg Therapy Center

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Take Interstate 81 to Exit 188 (Dunmore/Throop). Take Route 347 South to Drinker Street, (third traffic light), turn right. After going through one more traffic light, proceed to second stop sign, turn right onto Jefferson Avenue. Go about 100 yards and on your left will be a large parking lot (Parking Area 1). Accessible entrance is under the pillared canopy.

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Aquatic Therapy

St. Joseph’s heated therapy pool offers a unique treatment experience. In the hands of skilled therapists, the qualities of water reduce pain, improve mobility and accelerate recovery.

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Physical Therapy

Therapists offer a wide range of land-based and aquatic services as they work towards restoring function, improving mobility and relieving pain.

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Occupational Therapy

With particular emphasis on cognitive, sensory and upper-extremity function, therapists work with patients to improve their ability to perform routine daily tasks.

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Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Pathologists treat a variety of communication challenges and assist clients with the acquisition and programming of communication devices.

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Pediatric Therapy

With state-of-the-art facilities and a full team of experienced therapists, St. Joseph’s is able to offer each child a comprehensive evaluation and therapy service.

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Recreation Therapy

Through both individual and group activity-based sessions, therapists work towards improving physical, cognitive and social skills.

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Music Therapy

Therapists use the ageless appeal of music as a means to relieve stress, encourage interaction, build self-esteem or improve motor skills.