St. Joseph's Center at Trinity

St. Joseph's Center's newest program, officially designated a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center, is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The Trinity Child Care Center was specifically initiated for children who are medically fragile or technology dependent. This service can be utilized as an alternative or a supplement to in-home nursing care. Designed to serve children who require medical care throughout the day, St. Joseph's Center at Trinity meets an existing community need for parents who are working or attending school, who have had difficulty finding appropriate day care services.

Medical day Care child in pool with therapist

Medical Day Care child with nurseParents can feel confident that their son or daughter is in loving and trained hands. Nurses with years of pediatric experience provide hands-on care and are assisted by thoroughly trained child care technicians.

The Trinity Center provides a nurturing environment that offers supportive programming in addition to its medical services. The aim, as in all of St. Joseph's programs, is to help each child flourish, developmentally, cognitively and emotionally. Individual programs focus on a child's abilities and small group activities develop play skills and peer interaction. Therapy services can also be provided based on a child's need.

Medical Day Care child in walker link to brochureThis new facility will accommodate up to 30 children.

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