Community Support Services

Initiated in 1976, Saint Joseph’s Community Support Services (CSS) brought new opportunities to children and adults who had intellectual disability and were living at home while also alleviating some of the daily stresses their care placed on very dedicated parents and siblings.  Since that time hundreds of individuals and their families have benefited from the continually evolving components of the service.  Under the umbrella of CSS there are multiple programs designed to respond to specific needs.


Supported Living Services offer regularly scheduled assistance and 24 hour on-call emergency support to individuals with intellectual disability who choose to live independently.

Companion Services are for individuals who require assistance and/or supervision as they attend enjoyable activities out in the community.

In-Home and Community Support Services focuses on assisting individuals to acquire and improve the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in their homes and in the larger community.  Supported Living Coaches provide this guidance, both at home (whether the individual lives with family or independently) and out in the community.

Respite Services provide a short break in the constant caring to both individuals with intellectual disability and to their families.  This respite can last a few hours or a few days and can be provided in the home of the individual who is receiving services, in the community or in the home of the staff provider.

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