Early Intervention Services

Infancy and early childhood are confirmed to be critical times in human development. It follows then that proper care and stimulation are important. When a child is born prematurely or is exhibiting a developmental delay, the type of care and stimulation can be crucial. Early Intervention services are based on the premise that the sooner and the more thorough the assistance the better.

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For the past 40 years, working with parents and caregivers within the child’s natural environment has proven successful for Saint Joseph’s Early Intervention Program.Support Image

Teachers and/or therapists provide this service to infants and young children in their own home or in a day care setting. The family-based program is available to children living in Wayne, Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties.

The process begins with evaluations. Program plans are then devised with input from county personnel, parents and Center staff.

During scheduled sessions, the special-needs instructor/therapist works with the child and his or her family on routine-based activities that foster developmental growth.