Residential Services


Saint Joseph’s Center is deeply committed to providing the highest quality services to these most vulnerable people who have been entrusted into its care. We provide year-round residential programming 24 hours a day by three shifts of staff. Recognizing that achieving one’s maximum potential requires both appropriate treatment and emotional support, we encourage and welcome family and friends to visit. Residential care is available through two programs.

Intermediate Care Facilities

Saint Joseph’s Intermediate Care service refers to the residential programming that is offered to people diagnosed with intellectual disability who also have physical and medical needs.

The direct support professionals, nurses, medical staff, program specialists and therapists all work as a team to ensure that everyone receives specialized care in all aspects of their lives.  The focus is on opportunities for growth in a caring and respectful environment.  Assessing both needs and interests and incorporating active treatment and community involvement have contributed to improved health, renewed inquisitiveness and self-satisfaction for those who receive services.  Intermediate Care is available to 99 individuals and is offered at the Main Center, the Apartments and two community homes in Luzerne County.

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Community Living Arrangements

In twelve homes scattered throughout Lackawanna County, 45 individuals diagnosed with intellectual disability find compassionate care, person specific developmental programming and a sense of belonging in the Community Living Arrangements.

With long term fulfillment as the ultimate goal, each resident is encouraged to share their talents and personality to contribute to the liveliness and the routines of the home.  Then as the title of the Program suggests, efforts are ongoing to cultivate new interests as the residents become involved in their neighborhoods and the surrounding community.

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