Since 1888, the Auxiliary members have been actively involved with Saint Joseph’s Center and its programs. There are many members of the Auxiliary who hold seats on the Center’s Board, who assist at the Baby and Children’s Pantry, who offer direct service to those who reside with Saint Joseph’s and with the Mother/Infant Program.

The Auxiliary primarily engages in fund raising activities to assist the Center with their ongoing needs.  The enhancements supported by the Auxiliary improve the quality of life for all of the adults and children served by Saint Joseph’s.

The Auxiliary is always looking for new members—women and men who find fulfillment in helping others. We need people with new ideas and people to serve on committees. We need people who are willing to solicit prizes and food for the festival booths, people who are willing to empty trailers, set up the fairgrounds or staff the booths. We are looking for people to help with the auction, to coordinate the holiday tea, to stuff envelopes or to make phone calls. We are looking for people to offer their prayers for our success.

If you are interested in joining our effort to assist the hundreds of people served by Saint Joseph’s Center every year, please request a membership form. Yearly dues of $10 for individuals, $15 for couples, or $5 for members under 18 years of age can be paid by credit card. Lifetime memberships are available for $100, which can be paid in installments. Please indicate how you would like to be involved with the Auxiliary.

If you would like more information about the Center and/or the Auxiliary, please call (570) 342-8379 or fill out the contact form below.

Please join us.