Since it first opened its doors so many years ago, volunteers have been integral to Saint Joseph’s Center. They raise funds, coordinate the operation and bring a spirit of joy. Schools, churches, scouts, youth groups and many other service organizations conduct various programs for the benefit of Saint Joseph’s. There are also many individuals who step forward and make a regular commitment to Saint Joseph’s mission and to the people it serves. The Auxiliary, the Center’s Board of Directors and Saint Joseph’s Foundation Board are all volunteers. There are First Home and Pantry volunteers, as well as many others who provide hands-on assistance to those who receive residential services.



The Auxiliary welcomes new members, women and men who are interested in sharing their ideas and energy to benefit the children and adults served by Saint Joseph’s. There are opportunities for all interests and abilities.

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General Opportunities

Saint Joseph’s offers a variety of options to individuals willing to volunteer their time and talents on a regular basis.